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the Trumpsidency

the Trumpsidency

Over the past few days, Donald Trump’s presidency has been one of the biggest stories in the Western news. The story has also been big among the environmental crowd. Many commentators are worried that Trump becoming the new US president will mean stopping the progress achieved with the development of the Paris Agreement and its unprecedentedly fast ratification within a … Continue reading

the Petrolgate
Media / public policy

the Petrolgate

As the Guardian has reported yesterday, the Dieselgate, part II, also dubbed Petrolgate, is being shot across the chambers of the European Parliament. The automotive industry is now lobbying to rise the allowed pollution rates of newly manufactured petrol cars by 50%. This is especially frustrating if only a single £22 filter could fix the problem, as also stated in … Continue reading

the Shell utopianism

the Shell utopianism

Some time ago I bought a special edition of the National Geographic, Cool It, published on the Paris Climate Talks 2015 occasion. As some of you might already know, National Geographic has been collaborating with Shell for a few years now, in the form of a campaign The Great Energy Challenge. I, however, was under the impression that National Geographic is an independent, … Continue reading


the beginning

There comes a time in a person’s life when they finally decide what they want to do in their lives. I think mine might have just come (and so I consider myself very lucky).

As a PR student, and hopefully a future practitioner, I would like to use the skills I’ve got to encourage the technological development we need to achieve a sustainable global economy, good both for us and the planet.

The increasingly noisy debate on climate change in the media could be both good and bad. It makes us think about our actions but it can also make us feel powerless.

I would like to see the media encouraging and promoting innovative ideas, not only focusing on ‘what will happen if we don’t do shit’ or ‘we will all die’. Well, we definitely all will. But most of us still have some time, so we might as well use it to find solutions and make our lives even better.

This is why I want to use this blog as a place to express all my thoughts, worries and ideas on media, politics and the environment. Hopefully it can become something time worthy. Continue reading